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The Jane Austen that she was…

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Jane Austen is a beautiful writer and I mean this in the most complex and simple ways possible. What she wrote is of course studied by great people, intellectuals who analyze all intents that she would have had writing. A lot has been written on her writing and her characters. They have been studied and scrutinized all to come to a successful pass from most.

At the end of the film, Becoming Jane, a simple sentence says it all and yet less about Jane Austen.

‘In her short life Jane Austen wrote six of the greatest novels in the English Language.’

But what never fails to amaze me is the character of Jane Austen herself, a woman, a heroine of her life. While looking back on the times that she started writing, writing itself was considered a sad habit for a woman. Let alone any kind of inspiration, it was most of the times condemned. She wrote and she wrote tirelessly not to the amusement of anyone, but little did the society knew back then and she herself that she would be read in the many years to come and forever after that to the amusement of the most.

The kind of rebellion that she must have done back then, changing the order as she did is unimaginable to me. Today in the 21st century women face so many problems other than just being accepted and read, when the notion that women can and do write is established, I find it extraordinarily difficult to accept and imagine the kind of problems women writers would have had to face then, when the idea of women writing was absurd. She aspired to become a writer when she had nothing motivating to guide and support her. She sought to be independent when women being lady-likely were dependent on men (not that the scenario has changed everywhere) was norm.

Her passion for happiness is well reflected in her writing, happiness that she did not meet in her life while she dealt on her being an author earlier in her life.

She became an underlying inspiration to all women that wanted to write or wrote that not all is dependent on the society that you live in. You can bring change; you can transform the rules and finally revolutionize what you distinguish as right. Her extraordinary writing has already asserted her acceptance and success in the society, society that has changed in the span of 200 years that have elapsed since she breathed last. But what I am most amused at is that she lived and lived the way that she did. Because only when she lived the way she did, she is a motivation to the infinite women transcending time, boundaries and of course professions.

Had she not been stubborn enough in the most passionate way, she might have moved on and listened to the society that is ever ready to dominate and dictate you with its traditions and own-approved standards. She might have not written at all and this thought is impossible to accept for me, not only because there would be one less woman author in the world today but because there would be definitely one less reason for women to be proud of themselves.

And so as awestruck and motivated that I find myself every time I read about Jane Austen, I can never be more thankful for her being herself and writing, come what may!

Jane Austen

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The Miracle of J.K. Rowling

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Infinite times now, I might have already wondered how it really feels to be the ‘Chosen One’. By ‘Chosen One’ I simply do not mean it in Harry Potter terms but moreover to be ‘selected’ to even have an idea as such. More than anything, more than J.K. Rowling the Young Adult Icon, J.K. Rowling the celebrity, more than any of it, what really never fails to amaze me is J.K. Rowling the ‘Chosen One’ to have the idea bestowed upon and all in all J.K. Rowling-The Writer.

I as are thousands of millions others, am a ‘hard core’ fan of Harry Potter and the wonder the creation By J.K. Rowling that Harry Potter is. But here I am not to write of why and how the series has fortified my mind and heart but will try to explore the story that is behind Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling and their union, finally.

Rowling says she thought about Harry Potter first when travelling on a train back to London. Now what could she possibly have seen to have such a sensational idea?(I would appreciate if the readers are able to ignore my periodic praise for Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling, even though I try to be unbiased but since I have read Harry Potter and can never be ‘not loyal’ to it, forgive me for the occasional appreciation which just might be not well-received by the people who think otherwise).A documentary on J.K. Rowling, ’A Year In The Life Of J.K. Rowling’ aired on Fox History and Entertainments reveals several things which the Harry potter might connect to.

J.K. Rowling had a rather strained and a frightened relationship with her father and her imagination could never really allow the protagonist, Harry to have a whole family, instead it allowed him to have none. Instead what Rowling always thought a perfect father figure should be like, she found that ‘perfect father figure’ in the characters of Dumbledore, Hagrid and McGonagall and Mrs. Weasley as his partly ideal mother figures. The documentary also informs us of ‘the cupboard under the stairs’ which was once a part of her early homes. Even though she never had to live there, Harry had to, for years through his childhood.

Joanne’s favourite virtue is courage and that would rather be an easy guess for a Harry Potter reader, since she not only made courage a de facto motto of Gryffindor (one of the houses of the Hogwarts School For Witchcraft and Wizardry) but practically let her characters be ‘courageous’ too, for the story, for the readers.

All this and more is not mere coincidence of Rowling’s and Harry Potter’s world, it certainly is more than that, sure more than that.

What I could derive from all this is the f act that what is usually ‘said’ and associated with Harry Potter or any other fiction or fantasy work is the creation of a new world, a new universe and definitely an impossible one, but I think that what constitutes J.K. Rowling’s world is not something she created, not something that is an ‘another’ world but a part of herself, her life, what that is in reality and what that she secretly and wished to live and the one she did. Harry Potter is no one else but a part of her own soul, which is shy alike Rowling, courageous alike Rowling (courageous with her words that she is) and certainly with birthdays alike.

People, who often deject Harry Potter as a piece of ‘pure fantasy’, must reconsider their thoughts and realise that what they simply call ‘child like fantasy’ is not fantasy after all. Several would even argue that what Rowling does is that she glorifies ‘life’, glorifies death, glorifies friendship. But often do those same people fail to grasp that what they simply call glorification is the depiction of extreme conditions, adversities in which humans still remain humane, friend will be a friend still then and humanity will remain so, even then.

What inspired J.K. Rowling, what allowed her horses of imagination to run so fast and in a direction so correct that they ran into ‘Harry Potter’?

What gave her inspiration were the several things, situations and people whom she sometimes had and other times wished she had and other times not so much. But what she initially had was a struggled life, barely the fraction of life that she has now. She wrote, as did thousands, as do thousands and always do, she had a life as ordinary as any. Now when we relate Harry Potter facts, character, story, places even to the fragments of her life, they seem important enough, sad or happy enough and finally inspirational enough. But what if she had failed to receive inspiration from what she lived daily? What if she did not even care to pep into her past to weave the characters of Harry Potter? May be we could have never known Harry living in the ‘cupboard under the stairs’…

What inspires us and how much we allow ourselves to be inspired really?

J.K. Rowling lived her life in normalcy, as general and normal it could be sometimes more. But what she did have control over was the power to observe, imagine, hope and finally be inspired, inspired to improve her life in a Harry Potter world, inspired to share her life, a part of her soul, Harry Potter with the world. Such is the power of being inspire, simply.

What wonder Harry Potter is now can be described by even an eleven year old reading it, its success and more over acceptance among people of this world for they want to believe in the victory of good over evil, extraordinary friendships and the supreme power of hope and love. All this simply inspired from a life being live in normalcy by a woman, a mother who was a story teller only to her kid(s),17 years earlier? This ‘miracle’ that the success of Harry potter and J.K. Rowling is now is simply an example for all the habitants of this globe, what can really be the result of being inspired, being inspired to share, to fulfil and complete one’s life through this gift bestowed upon us, gift of creating fiction, gift of imagination.

I’m sure J.K. Rowling has fulfilled several of her dreams, tried out left out mischief and finally had the life or rather partly lived a life she wished, she always wanted. If a woman’s desire from all that is around her be a miracle, to gain inspiration from each one of our lives, we can do wonders never seen, heard or heard of. The ultimate need is to be inspired not only from extraordinary stories and situations but our own life, whether extraordinary or not.

J.K. Rowling gained inspiration from her own life and as she discovered words a medium to express it, she did. Similarly each one us, being the judge of their own potential should be observant enough to be inspired to do things, change them, if necessary. ’J.K. Rowling A Miracle’ is nothing less than an example of the infinite miracles there can be, there should e in this ‘Real’ world of ours.

Art Of Written Words

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I would first acquaint you to some of the definitions:

These words-”art of written works” these four words define “literature”.

Furthermore, art is defined as: the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.

And so, according to these, literature is and can be called an artwork, (since art at most occasions is known to be associated with paints only) where only the paints are replaced by words.

For all these centuries, or shall I say that from the third millennium B.C. people have been contributing to different types and forms of literature and still carry on to do so. Literature is and has been the best witness to the history, history of this frequently changing world, and keeping all its moments in its stories, novels and poems. From the writings of Shakespeare and several before those to the many literary pieces yet to come, we all have, have been helped to know our past, and not just know it, to know it better, only to better our own future. Literature has been a passage for the world to travel from its past into its present, by knowing the facts and figures of yesterday and how to improvise and build its present on them.

Many of us are often afraid to write something or anything we feel about our present or our surroundings, they not only are keeping the world away from their perspective but also, who-knows not writing a literary piece. Why do not we all realize the fact that if we do not write about what we feel we are being a hindrance in to that passage that would lead us to the future? I clearly can use the word hindrance because it is the collective perspective and perception of the world that would lead us to the future and not a mere future but to a better one too. We think, that what may our view carry, so that it would help the world to progress, but we often fail to understand that is us and only us that make the world, that constitute the world.

The literary piece that were written centuries ago are still being studied and analyzed and the reason for this is that those literary piece not just have a storyline to them but also possess the evolution of language. It carries hints of evolution of language, a medium of communication and thus also a very or one of the most important factors in the development of the humans as a whole and together as a world too. Communication as all might agree is by far one of the most essential element with being the most important one too in the development of the world, because when we communicate to one another we not only gain perspective, but are also forced to think the pros and cons of the thing we are talking about, give arguments if any and finally judge it, if it is simply good or bad on the basis of it harming anything or not or the extend of the harm caused too.As language is the medium and the basis of communication and so I suppose it further is the basis of development.

Language is the beauty presented, along with the art of the words woven together, and as language comes hidden along with literature or shall I say provides literature the invisible base itself, to create and write will only help stimulate the progress of mankind. So, all the non-writers-but-only-wishing-to-write-and-share-their-views-people start writing on anything and everything you feel about, because you never know you might create literature!