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The Jane Austen that she was…

Posted in Uncategorized by Sagarika on March 4, 2011

Jane Austen is a beautiful writer and I mean this in the most complex and simple ways possible. What she wrote is of course studied by great people, intellectuals who analyze all intents that she would have had writing. A lot has been written on her writing and her characters. They have been studied and scrutinized all to come to a successful pass from most.

At the end of the film, Becoming Jane, a simple sentence says it all and yet less about Jane Austen.

‘In her short life Jane Austen wrote six of the greatest novels in the English Language.’

But what never fails to amaze me is the character of Jane Austen herself, a woman, a heroine of her life. While looking back on the times that she started writing, writing itself was considered a sad habit for a woman. Let alone any kind of inspiration, it was most of the times condemned. She wrote and she wrote tirelessly not to the amusement of anyone, but little did the society knew back then and she herself that she would be read in the many years to come and forever after that to the amusement of the most.

The kind of rebellion that she must have done back then, changing the order as she did is unimaginable to me. Today in the 21st century women face so many problems other than just being accepted and read, when the notion that women can and do write is established, I find it extraordinarily difficult to accept and imagine the kind of problems women writers would have had to face then, when the idea of women writing was absurd. She aspired to become a writer when she had nothing motivating to guide and support her. She sought to be independent when women being lady-likely were dependent on men (not that the scenario has changed everywhere) was norm.

Her passion for happiness is well reflected in her writing, happiness that she did not meet in her life while she dealt on her being an author earlier in her life.

She became an underlying inspiration to all women that wanted to write or wrote that not all is dependent on the society that you live in. You can bring change; you can transform the rules and finally revolutionize what you distinguish as right. Her extraordinary writing has already asserted her acceptance and success in the society, society that has changed in the span of 200 years that have elapsed since she breathed last. But what I am most amused at is that she lived and lived the way that she did. Because only when she lived the way she did, she is a motivation to the infinite women transcending time, boundaries and of course professions.

Had she not been stubborn enough in the most passionate way, she might have moved on and listened to the society that is ever ready to dominate and dictate you with its traditions and own-approved standards. She might have not written at all and this thought is impossible to accept for me, not only because there would be one less woman author in the world today but because there would be definitely one less reason for women to be proud of themselves.

And so as awestruck and motivated that I find myself every time I read about Jane Austen, I can never be more thankful for her being herself and writing, come what may!

Jane Austen

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