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A Probable Failure of the Human Race

Posted in Uncategorized by Sagarika on May 31, 2010

I witnessed today, a failure, a probable failure of the human race. After facing my own personal shame for not have been watched Avatar (the film) already, I went to watch it.

As the film commences, the beginning part of it makes you fall in love with the planet, not Earth but Pandora. The film introduces you to the creatures unknown, to the life unknown and finally the people, certainly unknown.

‘What are we doing?’ is all I could manage to think after I came out of the theatre. Pandora is not just another planet; it is very much a sarcastic replica of Earth, the Earth it used to be, and the Earth that now can be identified even less with Pandora, with each day passing.

Even though I want my mind to not admire, what we call ‘the human’ spirit but the spirit of life alone instead, characters like those of Jake Sully and the Scientist (they were the ones who turned traitors to their ‘own race’ in order to save Pandora) do not make me do it. Even though I want to but I don’t only for the appreciation of the remains of the good. What now should be generalised as the human spirit is destruction that is ruthless and brutal in terms of association of man with Earth. Therefore now do I hesitate to admire the ‘human’ spirit.

Things which we often call human values, human virtues such as love, affection, brotherhood, truth, often do ‘we’ the most ‘developed’ creatures of this planet, do not realise that these virtues are not exclusive, not to humans alone but are values and virtues of this universe for the ones ‘living’ (not human but living!) to practise or have these. We do it always! Every single time! We start to use a thing and use it to such an extent that we assumingly think, we own it. But the fact of the reality is that we DON’T and will never! Like in the case of Earth, we say it’s OURS (mostly including humans) when it’s clearly not.

What the human forces did on Pandora is utter and ruthless destruction and devastation to secure their needs and ‘requirements’ is the sort of misery we bring upon Mother Earth, thousand times more in intensity and a little a time i.e. we do it every second only to lessen the voice of Earth’s cry, mother Earth that she is.

We need to realise that Pandora is our Earth and the forces are the humans on Earth but why should we go to Pandora to realise that! We need to realise it here and all in good time that is fast running out!

What Human race now has to be identified with is the identity that of a murderer of Earth because less than the insignificant are trying to protect the Earth. But we need to find a way, we have to find a way, as did the Na’avi, to save our support of existence, our planet and some of us need to turn traitors to the human race and do that.

When the forces attack Pandora for the first time, the land ,the people ,all were shocked by the intensity of the attack, the guns, the missiles, the bombs (after all this is it what humans now most prefer to do, destroy and take over),helpless (as they felt then) and felt defeated. That is what Earth might feel presently but nothing will be the same in the years to come. If the humans have to totally destroy the Earth they are going to need a lot more than what they posses now, to fight what is to befall upon them, after all they are on a mission to defeat the spirit of ‘living’, We must not forget, that what finally happened was, the forces were not only defeated but were crushed, with the lesson adequate and necessary learnt and the traitors were rewarded for their support of good and not the evil.

The identification that something is bad can only be done in the presence of good. But what if there is no good? Bad will remain so, with no better competitor. That’s what is happening on Earth. We all destroy, we all murder Earth a little and no one does otherwise, therefore the crime goes unnoticed, unidentified, unrecognised, and unpunished, most importantly.

Alright, turning traitor to the ‘own race is no easy task, to do the ‘good’ is no easy either’ but what has been in the past? All the things, freedom, liberty, justice had to be won and the people struggled over centuries together to these. So it’s not going to be easy, but certainly, certainly not impossible!

Earth is not supposed to be polluted as it is now, it is not supposed to die a thousand times before nature, the universe decide its fate, it’s certainly not supposed to be undergoing what it is now. Earth is supposed to be an artwork of beauty, symbol and nurturer of life and remain in existence for the varied life forms to thrive, not take over, not destroy, but to thrive and develop, keeping in harmony with Earth and not trying or assuming to own it but simply be grateful to the Earth and the wonder that it is, the jewel in the crown of universe it is.