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Posted in Uncategorized by Sagarika on January 15, 2010

There are times when this question ’who is your Role Model?’ strikes us. For some of us we simply say ‘not given a thought to’ and others escape simply by naming one. Not that the people they name are not worthy enough, they are, I’m sure they are.

The people who do not name them either they consider no one worthy to be looked up to or I’m afraid to say so but are not quite as good at observing. The people who do actually name their Role Model they are either moved by the achievements of the people they look up to or are not, quite obviously. If they genuinely are then they keenly observe their qualities, the hard work they put in to things, how they improve perfection.

Now one thing that might bother many of us is the fact that how is considering someone a Role Model connected to being a keen observer?

But that is completely related, relevant too. Is it that only people who actually have the job title as ‘social activists’ or who do ‘social service’ have compassion for the poor and do charity for them are entitled to be ‘Role Models’ ? Is it only the person who has the record for most number of runs or who has most number of grand slams can inspire you enough to do something that you are capable of doing or is expected out of you?

No, I disagree to this as I would to any wrong.

It is the sheer lack of observation that does not allows our mind to perceive people around us to be Role Models. It might be more then lack of observation but it surely does not allow our family and acquaintances to become our Role Model. It does not allow our grandfathers who’ve spent their entire life after retirement with grandkids, only to teach them, be with them, and be a part of their child’s ‘child life’ to be a Role Model. It does not allow us to look up to our fathers and mothers,to learn the art of parenting, of which we ourselves are the product,as Role Models. It does not allow our brothers and sisters to be an inspiration enough,even when they are, not necessarily only by guiding us to achieve something by giving us wisdom of what they did to achieve something but by simple making us realise the harsh but true circumstances and inspiring us,by talking to us and explaining things they would have wanted somebody to explain it to them besides the parents, somebody wiser but of the same generation. It and ego does not allow our friends to inspire us, at many occasion as well.

How many of us actually are inspired by seeing our parents toiling away each day to make things better, life better, for us, inspired to be loving enough, caring enough, dedicated enough and finally how to manage things, how to manage life? How many of us are actually inspired by talking to our brother and sisters, simply allowing them to inspire you without any walls of ego or lack of acceptance coming in between?Please also consider that what the questions are associated to it is not about appreciating,but appreciating enough that we consider those deeds those of ‘Role Models’.

Even if some of you are, believe me I would be a happier person and would request you all to share about a person whom you consider a Role Model or a habit which you would want to inculcate in yourself too.

Looking up to a person does not necessarily mean being the replica of that same person but is being motivated by her/his story, a habit or a deed. Considering someone a Role Model does not only refer to addressing Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer, Albert Einstein, Swami Vivekananda and infinite personalities more who have excelled in their fields of expertise and continue to contribute and inspire people, as Role Models.(Sure it does refer to addressing them but there is much more to it.)

I think to consider somebody a Role Model one should not strive to become the same person completely but gain inspiration to do things relevant to each one of our lives. We should be observant enough to notice Role Models around us and acknowledge them which will further encourage them. To choose a Role Model is not finding perfection in humans but is simply allowing our senses to learn and be inspired from the things they have done, they have achieved.

To not to have a Role model is also not wrong but don’t you think that to have no one or nothing to inspire one is to consider the other way that one is perfect? To be perfect after doing things is correct but wanting to be called perfect before making a mark on this planet is not.

I don’t make a claim but am sure of one thing that I allow myself to observe.

My Elder Brother and Grandfather tirelessly are themselves and never fall short of providing me enough evidence that there are Role Models around us and they are no less than any better Role Model and an Einstein (No offense to Mr. Einstein) respectively.

Open your eyes to the billion Role Models around and allow them to be one, let nothing and no one hold you back because what really matters is you being inspired and doing things which would make this planet, Earth a more liveable, habitable place(even though it is and it generally never fails me).

P.S. This is a humble request to all readers to share anything they would like to about being or seeing somebody as a Role Model.


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  1. Tracy Aiello said, on January 28, 2010 at 10:33

    There is a Buddhist saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Sometimes we are ready, sometimes not, but we all need a teacher and we all need to be a student. Sometimes all at the same time. Thank you!

  2. Beth Browne said, on February 7, 2010 at 03:41

    Very thought-provoking!


  3. Anshul said, on March 14, 2010 at 15:44

    Sona, that’s such an excellent write up! I’m amazed at the grasp of language that you have acquired at such a young age… all those novels didn’t go waste, did they? I didn’t go through the write up in detail because I have a packed schedule, but your thought process and expression are worth praising…
    I don’t believe in role models… maybe we will have a discussion on this when I come to Bhopal sometime… For now, all I can say is that … phod diya … keep reading… keep writing… and keep working on your style… read eclectically … keep up the good work…

  4. Sagarika said, on March 15, 2010 at 15:04

    Thank you Anshul Bhaiya for your comment,I really appreciate it.
    And no the novels didn’t go waste and never will.
    Further,the question of ‘believing’ in a role model,I think even if one does not wish to refer another self as a ‘Role Model’,thats no problem but something/someone that inspires us and that in turn some how ‘is’ a Role Model,because again as I said that to consider someone a Role Model does not necessarily mean idolising that person,but can be just,to admire a habit,deed or action of that person,enough to gain inspiration.
    So according to this a Role Model is not just a person to fill in the blanks when asked for on paper,considering someone a Role Model can just be more complex than it seems to just name one.

    Sure we can discuss on this further,
    Grateful that you read my post.

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