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Think High

Posted in Uncategorized by Sagarika on September 3, 2009

It’s just not something, it really means something. Every one of us has heard loads about, how and why should we have a high goal, set our final aim high. But I am talking about none of it. I and every one of us are very much aware of the whole “thinking and aiming high” thing, how if we aim high, we start to work for it, tirelessly and finally achieve it and be successful! But what I am really writing about is how we should think high of ourselves and not just our goal. The things mentioned below are not produced only from my own head but also from a conversation I had with my mother, though I was the one who started it! I just want to say that if we think high of ourselves, we expect and demand more of ourselves and then finally after much toiling as we have to do for every single thing, when we achieve what we were asking of ourselves we not only are, are successful but happy too! In this case I would say successful, because of the toiling and happy to fulfil our own emotional expectations which are I suppose one of the greatest satisfactions we could or can ever have. And so if you set your goal high, you are successful but if you think highly of yourself you are successful as well as happy.

If you think highly of yourself,

First of all you start to feel the birth of an elegant sense of pride in yourself. I say elegant because the kind of thinking high and having to possess the pride I am talking about is not in the smallest possible way false but is just elegant. The birth of this pride not only helps you to get through situations, but helps you to manage things even better than expected of you(may be even by yourself).

Secondly, once you have already thought high of yourself and have pride at the thought of it, you immediately get to work to maintain it and not fall short of your known expectations. This, i.e. you getting to work to maintain your own self respect and expectations, makes this pride different from a false pride.

Thirdly, when you are actually working to keep up your self-esteem you not only work on your goal and aim but also on each and every thing you do or say or behave like. So, by checking yourself at each and every moment, be it an emotional thing or anything else you are a better person also.

Furthermore, when you work real hard to achieve your goal and keep a check on yourself, you finally achieve success as it is always said-the sky is the limit. So according to this statement made, there is a very less chance of you not achieving what you really want after endless amount of hard work.

Even further, you achieve success, and then you also start to notice a certain amount of change in yourself and that too for the good because of the check you had on yourself. And there you go, you have happiness as well!

And so if you think high, think of a high goal and of yourself too, you tend to follow the things mentioned above and finally are happy-you improve and become a good person from your soul to the skin. Obviously if we really are successful in becoming a good person then everybody and anybody would think highly of ourselves. Therefore;

“If we do not think highly of ourselves, then nobody will”

And so everybody out there, think good, better, best and the highest of yourself because only by thinking highest of yourself everybody will think highly of you and this is because of the observation I have made and read about that we often are unable to see the best in others and see the negative first. Though the ones who can really see the best at the first sight they would surely think the highest of you!


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