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Posted in Uncategorized by Sagarika on September 3, 2009

I am well aware of the fact that this is not a very appropriate time to write about Santa Claus but then tonight I saw something very significant to me and I just wanted to throw light on the little discovery I made today.

How many of us believe in the existence of Santa Claus? I guess the people who do (please note that I am making a mention of the people only and not any kids) are very less or insignificantly small in number. Most of the people do not believe in Santa and just deceive the existence of Santa as very not-possible-in-the-real-world-type. But have we really given a thought of what actually is the significance of Santa or what that person or man stands for and symbolises?

Santa for children has to be a big, huge man with a round belly, white long hair and beard and always radiating happiness, jolly and dressed in red. For others or as I may say adults does that man has to have a red dress and a white beard for them to understand the actual significance of Santa and what it genuinely symbolises? In my view an image of a Santa with white beard, round belly and dressed in red is made only to help children understand the true meaning of Santa and the happiness Santa can bring to lives. One common thing to be observed in all the Santas or as I may say is that the one Santa that is represented and depicted in so many diverse ways is that Santa brings joy and happiness to peoples’ lives.

Ok I do get the idea that children are attracted toward fantasy and fairytales and that’s why most of them develop a liking towards Santa, whereas, adults of this ‘real’ world have less belief in fantasy or as may be termed by many as supernatural and so they do not find Santa very real. But then I fail to understand that we, humans have the intelligence to interpret things and yet are unable to see Santa in our fellow human beings.

By seeing Santa in others I mean that when a person does a favour for us or does something unsaid but very much in need of, to be grateful and thankful to that person in the same pure way a child is to his Santa. To recognise that act that has been done for you as a favour.

And so I made this tiny discovery tonight while watching an episode ‘Jingle Balls’ of the television series ‘Will & Grace’ and thought that it was important enough to make a mention about. And so a belief that has been amended, my belief (at least), that Santa does not necessarily exist in the red dress, covering a round tummy and a smile as a backdrop of white beard and hair scattered all over but as and when god intends he can be seen and felt in others too and not just be seen but well seen.


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  1. Rishika Yadav said, on August 13, 2011 at 18:31

    Wow, you just gave Santa a new meaning
    This is very deep and so true!!
    Santa grants your wish and its our job to see who this Santa really is
    Really nice!

    • Sagarika said, on August 14, 2011 at 21:53

      Thank you 😀

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