Acquaintance With Letters

1st Note

Posted in Uncategorized by Sagarika on September 3, 2009

The following note is written only because I felt somebody had told me these things and shown the way along as well, earlier.

To write and to know that what you write is being read by somebody is highly satisfying and is one the best ways in which our desperation can be given an outlet. When we write we focus all our energy, knowledge and power which resides in ourselves that is most of the times unnoticed. When we combine all these, we create something we always thought about and are eternally happy to do so. Many times it happens so, that we sit to write something and end up on different notes leading to several discoveries of our own and others and sometimes to things we always believed subconsciously but never gave a sane thought to, and by doing so we gain appreciation in our own eyes.

And so if you enjoy not necessarily the thought of seriously writing but are amused by any thinking of our own, do write. Because we often fail to understand that if we contain everything inside ourselves, we end up expressing ourselves inappropriately and at inappropriate places.

And so if you have anything to share, do write and one of the best ways to do so, thanks to the technology is blogging because the internet is always listening to you.


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