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Posted in Uncategorized by Sagarika on September 3, 2009

This is one the bravest nouns to me.Courage is synonymous to bravery and will and a few words more.I am not aware of how many of us have really given a thought on,are we really courageous?

To be courageous,to be brave,these words might seem a bit bookish or for that matter a bit boring or you may call it a bit out-of-your-mind-thing to some but then,they are not. Believe me they are not.Once we acquaint ourselves to this feeling,many of us might not have earlier experienced,we start to think highly of ourselves and our soul.

Some of the very good authors I’ve have read are Khaled Hossieni and J.K. Rowling and in both their novels I’ve found that a very significant role has been given to “courage” to be portrayed.The liking of J.K. Rowling for courage can well be seen as she has devoted a whole house to it in her world.As of Khaled Hossieni,the second segment of his book ‘The Kite Runner’ would not have had been imagined if the main character did not have the courage to face his past and overcome his fears and confront his own guilt.These and many more references of courage I have come across in the recent past have made me to write on it in the first place.

To be courageous,a great amount and nothing but the truth should be the backdrop because if you are not truthful but yet pretend to courageous,it would need an art of bluffing and not courage.And so courage and honesty go hand in hand.

To be courageous is an act of standing up against anything wrong or unfair be it against our own self or others.

Many of us may also think that we are not participating in a war or a battle so that we need that element of courage in ourselves but then we fail to understand that the situations we are going through and our country is going through asks of us being brave.

To pick up the chocolate wrapper we threw on the road, in front of everybody we know and don’t know asks for courage;to refuse a bribe for a middle class person,though very much in need of money calls for courage;to say no to smoking or drinking for a frustrated middle-class person calls for courage.

And so,now to answer the question above, if we are really courageous;I say we are or at least there are still people ready to be righteous and those are the once actually constitutuing the population,others to me are insignificant.

These and many more incidents or situations call for courage and we deliver it at the required moment.Many of us have the courage and I believe only a few don’t.And those few I am pretty much sure that they try to be brave but somehow are not able to.And the portion of us who don’t try to be brave at all,whom I did not mention as I thought they were not even worthy of those words have long lost the excitement and battle of life,but still they can have their life and excitement back only if they wish so,such is the irony of our life.

The things I’ve written above about courage are things we might or might not follow in our daily life.Still I thought that to literally state them would be a reminder to all of us of the great courage that exists in our world because we hear all but appreciation of the things that are still clinging to our lives in spite of the turmoil the world faces daily.

And so to the people who are courageous,who try to be or are not;                                                                                                                                                              To be courageous is not,to have no fear but is to overcome that fear.

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