Acquaintance With Letters

Art Of Written Words

Posted in Uncategorized by Sagarika on September 3, 2009

I would first acquaint you to some of the definitions:

These words-”art of written works” these four words define “literature”.

Furthermore, art is defined as: the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.

And so, according to these, literature is and can be called an artwork, (since art at most occasions is known to be associated with paints only) where only the paints are replaced by words.

For all these centuries, or shall I say that from the third millennium B.C. people have been contributing to different types and forms of literature and still carry on to do so. Literature is and has been the best witness to the history, history of this frequently changing world, and keeping all its moments in its stories, novels and poems. From the writings of Shakespeare and several before those to the many literary pieces yet to come, we all have, have been helped to know our past, and not just know it, to know it better, only to better our own future. Literature has been a passage for the world to travel from its past into its present, by knowing the facts and figures of yesterday and how to improvise and build its present on them.

Many of us are often afraid to write something or anything we feel about our present or our surroundings, they not only are keeping the world away from their perspective but also, who-knows not writing a literary piece. Why do not we all realize the fact that if we do not write about what we feel we are being a hindrance in to that passage that would lead us to the future? I clearly can use the word hindrance because it is the collective perspective and perception of the world that would lead us to the future and not a mere future but to a better one too. We think, that what may our view carry, so that it would help the world to progress, but we often fail to understand that is us and only us that make the world, that constitute the world.

The literary piece that were written centuries ago are still being studied and analyzed and the reason for this is that those literary piece not just have a storyline to them but also possess the evolution of language. It carries hints of evolution of language, a medium of communication and thus also a very or one of the most important factors in the development of the humans as a whole and together as a world too. Communication as all might agree is by far one of the most essential element with being the most important one too in the development of the world, because when we communicate to one another we not only gain perspective, but are also forced to think the pros and cons of the thing we are talking about, give arguments if any and finally judge it, if it is simply good or bad on the basis of it harming anything or not or the extend of the harm caused too.As language is the medium and the basis of communication and so I suppose it further is the basis of development.

Language is the beauty presented, along with the art of the words woven together, and as language comes hidden along with literature or shall I say provides literature the invisible base itself, to create and write will only help stimulate the progress of mankind. So, all the non-writers-but-only-wishing-to-write-and-share-their-views-people start writing on anything and everything you feel about, because you never know you might create literature!


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